July 4th Fashion Haul

Happy 4th of July to you all! I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying Independence Day. (Whether you’re celebrating with a family barbecue, fireworks, or a shopping trip like me.)

In terms of shopping, 4th of July sales are a great opportunity to snag spring and summer styles before stores start transitioning to back to school and fall styles. I went to the outlets nearest me, but most chain stores will probably have awesome discounts until Sunday!

I thought I’d just show you guys what I bought and give you an idea of which stores are having good sales right now, so keep reading if you want to see what I got!


The first store I stopped at was the Coach Factory store, which almost always has massive blowout sales on holidays, and the 4th of July was no exception. Coach was running a 50% discount on the entire store, and an extra 20% off of those prices for clearance merchandise. I ran across this tan leather cross-body bag in the clearance corner, and had to take advantage of this awesome deal. It was originally priced at $228, but I picked it up for only around $60. It’s a great staple bag that’s a good size for day to day use, and comes with a fun, brightly colored lining as well.


J. Crew has gorgeous, high quality clothing that’s unfortunately always outside of my price range, but the store was offering an additional  60% off clearance today, so I picked up two pairs of pants. They retailed for $79.50 and $84.50 originally, but they were reduced down to $12 and $20 respectively. I grew out of my old white denim skinny jeans two years ago, so I couldn’t turn down the J. Crew white matchstick skinnies when I came across them in the clearance section. As for the navy twilled pants, they caught my attention because of the edgy zipper pockets and diagonal seams, as well as the fabric. I honestly can’t even describe how wonderful the fabric is. It’s thick (but not too thick and heavy) and soft but sleek at the same time. I got the white skinnies in a 25S (thanks to my diminutive legs) and the navy twilled pants in a 00.


The last store I found with a good sale was Banana Republic, which was offering a store-wide 50% discount and an additional 50% off clearance. I found two tops I liked, which sort of straddle the realms of nicer casual wear and business casual. Both go well under a blazer, meaning I can dress them up for formal occasions, but the sleeveless top can also be worn casually. I purchased the dove gray sleeveless top in a small for $9, discounted from $39.99. I love how luxurious the fabric feels, and the paneling at the top is super flattering, but not too sheer. The back also features a small keyhole cutout. The blue and white striped button down, a 2 in the petite sizing, was reduced from $59.50 to $15. Since it’s for petites, it lacks the boxy fit I usually struggle with when shopping for button downs, which usually just make me look like a rectangle with bony arms. I’ve included a couple of close up photos below:


I wish you all a wonderful Independence Day, and happy shopping if you choose to check out the sales near you! If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, it’d be awesome if you liked it and hit the button at the bottom of the page to follow me!

Love, Joyce

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