What to wear: Summer Soirée

Figuring out what to wear during the summer is always a dilemma, especially when it comes to formal events. After all, looking put together and dressy is even more of a challenge in the heat. Because of this, I was extra excited to run across this gorgeous berry colored dress in the clearance section at Urban Outfitters. UO has a cool, unique style (and sky high prices) and I found this dress suffocating away in a dingy corner of the downtown Austin store. It turned out the price had been reduced several times, and it was on sale for $10.


The dress itself is super flattering, and can definitely be styled in a lot of different ways to work with multiple occasions. I purchased this dress in a medium, so it was a tad looser than it was designed to be, but I like it much better this way. I’ve never been a huge fan of body-con dresses and I was really pleased with the looser, more comfortable fit of the larger size. The dress is made of a soft jersey material, and has a simple silhouette held up by delicate shoulder straps. The neckline really emphasizes the line of your shoulders and collarbone since the straps cut in towards the neck and cross in the back, almost like a halter dress.


For a formal occasion, I find that the easiest way to dress up a solid colored article of clothing is to add jewelry. For this outfit, I went with a super long chain necklace. The simple necklace doesn’t detract too much attention away from your face or the dress, and its long length draws the eye vertically down the body, helping you look taller and leaner.


I finished off the look with some classic cork wedges. I picked up these nude colored ones from JustFab, an online retailer that offers special discounted pricing to VIP members. With VIP pricing and their semi-annual BOGO sale, I purchased two pairs of wedges for only $30. Wedges are great for summer gatherings and outdoor parties since they offer a lot more stability than stilettos, and won’t sink into the grass.

Are you going to any summer parties anytime soon? If you are, comment and tell me what you plan on wearing! If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, it’d be awesome if you liked it and hit the button at the bottom of the page to follow me!

Have a question about what to wear for an upcoming occasion? Ask it in the comments and I’ll style an outfit for you in a new post!

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