Summer Reading

Summer vacation means lounging poolside for some people, or going out with friends. For me, summer means getting to sit down and read the things I don’t have time to during the school year.

(Guess I just outed myself as a total nerd on the internet…oops.)

But if there is one thing that hasn’t changed about me since I was a kid, it’s that I love to read. So I’m sharing two of the books I recently read (and actually gifted to two of my friends) and some of my thoughts on them.


The Bourne Retribution:

Ordinarily I’m ridiculously insistent on reading the books before seeing the movies, but I sort of dropped the ball on the Bourne series. I enjoyed the movies (not so much the most recent one, but that’s for a different post) but when I heard new books on Jason Bourne were still being written and published after the death of the original author, I went out and bought one right away.

The book itself is wonderfully written, and it’s so vivid that all of the action becomes that much more exciting. It gets a little racy at some points, but not unreasonably so. (I ‘d say a strong PG-13.) And even though I loved Matt Damon as Bourne, the book just adds an entirely new dimension to his character that makes you see him in a different light.

If you liked the movies or like spy or action novels, this one is definitely worth checking out!

No Easy Day:

I was a little unsure about this when I first picked it up in the store, afraid it would be so overly patriotic that the pages would practically bleed red, white, and blue. Instead, I found it full of interesting tidbits and information that the average citizen is completely unaware of. The majority of the book details training and missions carried out by the author’s Seal team as well as lends insight into the relationships between and the unique personalities of the men. Some notable missions recorded in the book include the rescue of Captain Phillips and the attempted extraction of Bowe Bergdahl.

I never really thought of myself as someone interested in military missions and operations, but there was something uniquely fascinating about the tactics and strategy described in the book. All in all, I found it a good pick-up read, and the short chapters make it ideal for someone who only has time to read a little every day.


I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you’d like to see more lifestyle posts (or book reviews and recommendations) like this post! If you plan on purchasing either of these books, or have read them already, comment and tell me what you thought!

Finally, I have set a new posting schedule for three posts a week. Check out my About page for details, and as always, hit the button at the bottom of the page to follow me so you never miss a post! Have a wonderful week!

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