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First of all, I want to take the time to thank everyone who has visited and read my blog in the five weeks that it has been up. Those of you that support me by liking, following, and commenting make my day every single time, so thank you so much!

Instead of my usual Lifestyle post, I’m taking this Tuesday to fulfill the requirements of the Beauty Blogger of the month award, which I was nominated for by the wonderful Mandarie14, who is a wonderful blogger in her own right. If you know of another deserving blogger, you can find all the rules for this award here, on the blog of the award’s creator, Cecilia.

All nominees are asked to answer seven beauty questions, so here are my answers!

1. Where does your makeup inspiration come from?

I’m a huge proponent of light, fresh-faced, natural makeup for the day time, so celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung are some of my favorites to draw inspiration from. Both of them have signature looks that are put-together but still allow their natural beauty to shine through, which I think is the most important aspect of wearing makeup.

2. Three Holy Grail products you can’t live without?

First up is definitely my daily moisturizer, which is a serious lifesaver. I’m on my third bottle already, and I have a fourth stashed under my sink. I use the Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer (see it in my Beginner’s Guide to Skincare) and I basically don’t ever want to use anything else, the formula is so perfect for my skin. Second place goes to the Rimmel Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner (featured in my Summer Makeup Essentials). I own the nude shade, and plan on getting my hands on the other colors too. The pencil is ultra creamy so it never tugs at your eyelids, but once it sets the eyeliner is on for the entire day. Finally, my last Holy Grail product would be the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. I was a little iffy about them at first, but I’ve really come to love the light, wearable formula. My lips are, unfortunately, chapped pretty much year round, and I’ve noticed a significant difference after just a few days of using the Maybelline lip balms, so this is definitely something I look forward to repurchasing!

3. What is your signature makeup look?

It’s definitely light and natural. For casual, everyday occasions, I stick with concealer or BB cream paired with a nude eye look. For eyes I usually keep it minimal (often out of laziness) with brown or black eyeliner smudged into the lashline and lengthening mascara.

4. Favorite makeup brands?

As a student, I don’t exactly have an overflowing wallet, so I’m primarily a drugstore shopper. I love L’Oreal for concealer and mascara and Revlon always takes the cake when it comes to lip products.

5. Your ultimate makeup pet peeve?

My winged eyeliner is never symmetric. Ever. My eyebrows usually aren’t either.

6. One hyped-up product you hated?

This one, sadly, goes to the Revlon lip butter in Creamsicle. Some of my favorite Youtubers raved about how great Creamsicle was as a nude lip color, but when I tried it the color just layered strangely over my natural lip color and emphasized any lines or dry skin.

7. If you could only use concealer or foundation for the rest of your life, which one would you use?

Even though it seems like foundation would be the logical choice since it offers more coverage, I’m sticking with concealer. I try to avoid wearing heavier layers of makeup (which are usually a pain to remove at night) and go for a lighter, sheerer, coverage. There’s nothing wrong with a little imperfection showing, and using just concealer saves a lot of time in the mornings!

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers, and thanks again for supporting me! It’s so amazing that I’ve been nominated after starting my blog just over a month ago, and I’m spreading the love. I’m nominating these seven bloggers for next month’s award:








Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post! As for my usual Lifestyle post, I am moving this week’s post to Friday. Don’t worry, you’ll still get your weekly dose of my lifestyle!

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger of the Month Nomination

  1. Cecilia Liu says:

    What a lovely entry! I love drugstore makeup too and I only get the occasional high end products to treat myself!
    Thank you for participating and good luck with your entry x


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