Pure Body Culture Review

pure body culture review

Thanks to my finicky, sensitive skin, a lot of commercial products don’t work out so well for me. The chemical dyes, fragrances, and additives often irritate my skin and cause redness or blemishes. When I got in touch with Sharie, the owner of Pure Body Culture, I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to try out some of the products from her original line. Pure Body Culture is an Etsy store committed to bringing customers handcrafted bath and body products created from natural ingredients. If you’d like to see everything she sent me, and what I thought of all of the products, keep reading!

Packaging: 8/10

The three body creams she included were all packaged in similar screw-top containers, each one individually labeled with the scent. Sharie also included a lip balm and an aromatherapy oil. All of the products arrived neatly wrapped in a bag that was tied shut with a ribbon. A little letter was also included, which I thought was really sweet.


Pricing and Value: 9/10

Despite the fact that the products are all handmade and mixed, Sharie has done a wonderful job of keeping all Pure Body Culture products extremely affordable. Each of the body cream samplers only cost about $8, with the three I received costing $24 all together. In comparison to a lot of retail prices by big brands like The Body Shop, Pure Body Culture prices are really affordable for everyone. Each of the tubs is also filled all the way to the top with product, so you’re never cheated of any product.

Something else I wanted to mention about this brand is how much its creator really cares about her customers. Sharie is incredibly understanding, and is willing to exclude certain ingredients from your products at your request. This was super important to me, because I’m allergic to tree nuts and nut-derived oils are in a lot of natural products. Unfortunately, this means that I am allergic to the almond and coconut oils used as bases in her products, but my willing sister was all too happy to try the products for me. I wanted to tell you this because Sharie, after I explained my problem, generously offered to specially mix me a product from scratch. She also packaged it in its own wrapping to avoid contamination, and I am so thrilled to have found a brand owner that is willing to go this much trouble for a customer.

special product

Quality: 8/10

My sister absolutely loved the peppermint lip balm, which she said was really moisturizing and effective. The oval shape of the tube took a little getting used to, but the product itself was awesome.

Her favorite body cream ended up being the lavender and vanilla scented one. The texture isn’t quite as smooth as store-bought body butters, probably because Pure Body Culture doesn’t include the chemical emulsifiers that prevent ingredients from separating. However, any small lumps were easily smoothed out and absorbed just fine into the skin. Best of all, it didn’t leave a greasy residue after absorbing, and the scent wasn’t overly cloying or heavy.

As for me, I’m obsessed with the aromatherapy scented oil Sharie mixed up for me. It came with a rollerball for easy application, and I love the scent. It’s lightly floral from the lavender, but also has this distinctly earthy, herbal note from the olive oil base. The scent is really soothing, and it’s a great product to have around at the end of the day when you’re ready to relax.

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

If you’re interested in exploring all-natural bath and body products, Pure Body Culture is definitely the way to go. Sharie has a great variety of products available in her Etsy store, (which you can find here) from body scrubs and bath bombs to creams and more. I would definitely suggest giving her products a try, and if you do, please let me know what you think in the comments down below, I would love to hear from you! And as always, you can find buttons to follow me here on WordPress, on Bloglovin, and on social media at the bottom of the page.

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This post was sponsored by Pure Body Culture, who generously sent me a selection of free products to try and review. All thoughts expressed are my own honest opinions.






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5 thoughts on “Pure Body Culture Review

  1. The Broke Black Chick says:

    I’ve tried a few products from pure body culture and I love them all especially the body butters, I was debating on getting the lavender and vanilla one, but I might give it a try!

    Sharie is an absolute wonderful person to work with!


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