Find of the Week: DaisyGem

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve just finished my first week of college classes, and I’m super excited to relax and shop the Labor Day sales this weekend. 

This week, I’m featuring an online store that I recently heard about, called DaisyGem. DaisyGem is an online accessory retailer, and they sell everything from jewelry to handbags and more. Their designs are gorgeous, the products get great reviews, and best of all, all of the pieces are super affordable (unlike other well-known jewelry retailers like BaubleBar). I actually went to each website and checked the prices for various pieces, and found that the most expensive necklace at DaisyGem retails for just $33, while at BaubleBar the most expensive necklace costs a whopping $240. 

I’ve picked out some of my favorite pieces for you below:

daisygem pics

Due to some unfortunate technical difficulties, I was unable to link to each product in the caption like I usually do, but I’ve listed them below (all photos from 

1. Anchor Midi Ring

2. Wishbone Necklace

3. Blue Nouveau Necklace

4. Vintage Montage Necklace

5. Spike Studded Necklace

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Find of the Week post, and if you’d like to continue seeing more from this series, please like and share this post! Did you particularly like one of the pieces above? Share them down below! And I’m always looking for new ways to wear my jewelry, so if you have any ideas on how to style any of these pieces, tell me!

In other news, I recently launched a giveaway with Perfectly Posh to give away four fabulous prizes! Find out how to enter here. The giveaway ends in less than ONE WEEK, so hurry and enter before you lose your shot at winning!


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3 thoughts on “Find of the Week: DaisyGem

    • Joyce says:

      Thanks Fernanda! I checked out your blog (love that you have a spanish version, are you bilingual?) and really enjoyed your posts!
      Best of luck blogging, and I hope to see your entry in my giveaway as well!

      Liked by 1 person

      • iamfernanda says:

        Hi Joyce, I am.. I was raised in L.A. and my family is from Costa Rica so I also speak Spanish.. I currently reside in Costa Rica.. Maybe in a near future will go back to the States!! 🙂
        Thanks for the best wishes with blogging, I truly love it! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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