Art Market Mini Haul

art market mini haul

Over the last weekend, a few of my friends and I took the opportunity to explore South Congress (affectionately known as SoCo) in downtown Austin. SoCo is known for great food and shopping with tons of boutiques, wonky stores, urban art, and more. We stopped by the Art Market and browsed through the work of some local artists. There was a ton of really great, unique work, but I only ended up purchasing from one artist whose card and stationary business is called She Used a Typewriter. 

The past month has been a little difficult for me, having to adjust to college life and classes for the first time as well as juggling my blog. But I think the hardest part of leaving for college is that fact that not all of your friends are coming with you. Several very close friends of mine went to other wonderful schools, and it’s been hard having them halfway across the country when I’m used to seeing them every day. So when I ran across She Used a Typewriter at the art market, my friends and I selected three cards to send to some of the people we’ve been missing.


I love how youthful and cheerful Alexis’s designs are, and she makes tons of really unique designs for every occasion. The best part about these though, is that they aren’t just some mass-produced Hallmark card that you picked up at Walmart or Target. Because these people are so important to me, I just wouldn’t feel right sending something that wasn’t genuinely personal. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up or just want to send a card to someone “just because”, I would definitely suggest browsing through her Etsy shop, which you can find here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and if you’ve discovered any great things lately, tell me about them in the comments! I will also be announcing another giveaway very, very soon, so be sure to follow me on WordPress, Bloglovin, or Facebook so that you don’t miss out!






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