Top 3 Tips for Getting a Haircut

I recently dropped by a salon near campus to get my hair cut and restyled, and thought I’d share my advice on getting a haircut you’ll love. While I’m now very specific in explaining what I want to the stylist, I have previously been the less-than-happy customer with the funky bangs or too-short hair cut, and that’s not something I’d wish upon anyone.


Therefore, I’ve gone ahead and condensed my top three tips into this graphic, so that you can easily share it with your friends and family! (I personally designed and put together these graphics, so tell me if you like them in the comments down below!)


When I went to the salon this time, I was looking to get around four inches cut off as well as some layers put in. I always bring one or two photos with me to show the stylist, and have found this always results in the look I want. This time I brought a couple of shots of Lauren Conrad, whose loosely wavy hair has the length and face-framing layers that I wanted. While in the chair, I had the stylist cut the majority of the layers longer, with only the front sections razored to my collarbone. I’m thrilled with the results, and will definitely be going back to this salon in the future.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful, and please tell me if you like these new graphics and whether or not you’d like to see more of them in the future! All feedback is greatly appreciated!

And if you’d like to see a hair care routine, my favorite hair care products, or anything else in particular, just tell me down below and I’ll get right on it!


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