Farewell, Oscar de la Renta

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Recently, the fashion industry bid farewell to an American icon: Oscar de la Renta. De la Renta dressed generations of first ladies, from Nancy Reagan to Michelle Obama, and was responsible for some of the most iconic red carpet dresses in the past few decades.

I thought it would be nice, and more than a little fitting, to discuss some of my favorite de la Renta moments from recent years. Enjoy!

First of all, I wanted to share one of my favorite looks from his Fall 2014 runway collection:

The exclusively gray and black fall collection felt like such a breath of fresh air against the extravagant fur coats and accessories that dominated other runways. Oscar de la Renta presented a collection of clean, modern silhouettes that were surprisingly wearable for a runway collection. I loved this look for its ability to take a clean-cut business suit and make it feminine without losing professionality. (Also, the shoes. I want those shoes.)

. The bridal collections are no exception when it comes to design. De la Renta’s work is always flawlessly feminine and timeless, a quality I find can often be lacking as designers scramble to come up with fresh new looks each year. He incorporates popular trends, like the sheer lace illusion neckline, without turning his pieces into overly trendy monstrosities. I’ve also always appreciated that de la Renta’s work is designed to be flattering on all women, and that he maintains a conservatism throughout the years that proves that modern doesn’t just mean showing a lot of skin. His collections show that women can look beautiful and sexy without plunging necklines or uncomfortably short hemlines.

And in terms of red-carpet looks, Oscar de la Renta has created so many memorable ones. I narrowed my favorites down to my three favorites from this year. Check them out below:

Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, and Taylor Swift are just a few of the big names that de la Renta worked with during his time in the industry, but the dresses designed for them serve to demonstrate this designer’s flexibility. His ability to modernize old Hollywood silhouettes with Jessica Biel’s dress (center) in addition to the creamy confections he created for celebrities like Taylor Swift make Oscar de la Renta one of the most well-rounded, iconic American designers. He will be missed.


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