2014 October Favorites


It’s no secret that I love everything about autumn, and now that the temperatures in Texas have finally fallen, it’s hit me that winter is right around the corner. We’re headed towards Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, and I’m excited to bring you some cool things in the next few weeks. (As in giveaways, so make sure you’ve followed me!) But let’s hop right into my favorites for this month!

skincare favorites


I recently posted a review of the Mary Kay Clear Proof line, and I’ve included the spot treatment in my favorites this month. It’s a super effective cream that makes an obvious difference when it comes to taking down blemishes, and I think that it’s a must-have for anyone that struggles with acne. My other skincare favorite for this month is the St. Ives Green Tea scrub. I love this scrub because the particles in it aren’t too abrasive to be used frequently (I suggest every 2-3 days) and I’ve seen a big improvement in my skin since I started using it. The scrub has kept my dry skin at bay, and it has made my skin noticeably softer and smoother. I will say that the particles in the scrub tend to get caught in your lashline and in the crevices of your face because they are so fine, so be sure to rinse well after using!

My last skincare favorite for this month is the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream. Eye cream is more of a luxury than a need for me since I’m still very young, but my course load in college is tough, meaning I usually have some puffiness or darkness under my eyes. I love this Clinique eye cream because it’s super light and non-greasy, so it can be worn during the daytime under makeup. It’s a really great, hydrating product for people who don’t yet need a richer, anti-aging product. I’ve noticed that it does help with puffiness, and it has lightened the severity of my dark blue and purple toned undereye circles.



I admit to being a snacker. I eat pretty much throughout the day, and then just shrink my three main meals a little to compensate. Being in college makes it all too easy to fall back on chips or other junk food, so I’ve been trying out a couple of healthier snack alternatives. My two favorites for this month are the KIND Granola in Vanilla Blueberry and these sea salt pita chips. Most granola and trail mix type snacks are off limits to me because of my nut allergy, but this KIND Granola is amazing (and nut free). It’s super healthy, with all whole grains and a great variety of ingredients, like quinoa, flax seeds, oats, millet, and more. Plus, it tastes amazing. This is actually my fourth bag of the stuff (I told you I was a snacker) and, as you can see, it’s almost empty.

The pita chips are a great, healthier alternative to potato chips, and they make a good snack when you’re craving something salty or crunchy.


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There are a lot of great shows on air this season, but there are a few that I wanted to discuss. Revenge, which airs on ABC,  is back for its fourth season, and there are a ton of exciting moments in the works for this season. If you’re not caught up, I won’t spoil it, but I suggest catching up on the episodes soon! Revenge is also a great show for fashion inspiration, since it’s set mainly in the Hamptons.

A second show that I think is worth checking out this fall is the The CW’s The Flash. It’s based on the original story of the superhero the Flash, and it’s full of witty little comments and humor, as well as some more serious themes. If you’re a fan of shows like Gotham or Arrow, I think The Flash is a great show to watch as well! (Plus, Grant Gustin is attractive. Very attractive.)

Those are all my favorites from the last month, so I hope you enjoyed reading about them! Know of something cool that I’m missing out on? Give me recommendations in the comments below!


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