KISS Instawave Automatic Curler Review


Automatic hair curlers are relatively new to the industry, and I’ve been pretty wary of them, but I recently tried out the KISS Instawave Automatic Curler and I have to say that they are super easy to use and really convenient. The KISS Instawave is a fully automatic curling iron that resembles a classic curling iron with a couple of extra features.

It has a set of rotating picks at the base of the barrel that catch hair and wrap it around the barrel and keep it from tangling. The handle has a two directional curling dial so you can curl in either direction, as well as a heat setting switch. It also has a light-up indicator that tells when the curler is on, and shows when the curler has fully heated up.


When I first took it out of the box, I was definitely surprised by the heft. It’s a sturdily built iron, but it’s not too heavy to be easily held and manipulated with one hand. What I loved most about it was that you never even need to touch the barrel at all, so you never risk burning yourself, and curling only takes one hand. You just hold the barrel vertically at a slight angle towards your head, and place about a 3/4 inch (depends on your hair thickness) section of hair on the barrel. Then you just press the button to curl towards or away from your face, and wait for the picks to wind all of your hair around the iron. After 5-7 seconds, take the iron out by gently pulling it downward and allowing the curl to fall off.

I tested it on my own hair first, (very long, silky straight, normal to fine) and was rewarded with some very neat curls. They come off very ringlet like if you use small sections, but after shaking them out and running my fingers through them, they turned into really nice curls. Large 1 inch sections of hair produce looser waves. I definitely recommend using it only on the low heat setting even though the curler goes all the way up to 420 F. I found the low setting pretty hot, and I think it’s plenty hot for almost any hair type. (Remember to use heat protectant!)

But we’re going to take this review up another notch by adding something new to my blog:

The skinniesA lot of people have mentioned how helpful it is to see how a product works on different people (in the past, my sister has tried products and I’ve mentioned her opinions) so I’m starting “The Tiffany Test”. Basically, every time you see the above header, it means I’ve made my best friend Tiffany try the product out too. It was especially apt in this case, as her hair is notoriously hard to curl. It’s extremely thick and silky, and stubbornly straight. Every time I’ve curled her hair in the past, the curls fall out completely in around an hour, even if I clip the curls up to cool, use strong-hold hairspray, etc.

The best testament I can offer in favor of this curler are these photos of her hair after I curled it using the KISS Instawave:


Left: Curls after being shaken out and brushed out with fingers. Right: Isolating one ringlet to show the curl shape.

The curls held and stayed the rest of the evening (without any hairspray or special attention) and her hair retained loose waves even after two days.

The KISS Instawave is available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada at various retailers. You can learn more about the curler here and see a demonstration video on their website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review, and found “The Tiffany Test” helpful! I also currently have a holiday giveaway running, so to enter to win a gift set of three soy candles, head over to the giveaway tab of my Facebook page! (Read more here)


I received this product for consideration due to the generosity of KISS. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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