Winter 2014 Haul: Beauty

Even though it’s actually 2015, I wanted to wrap up my two part winter haul (see part 1 here) by showing you all of the beauty items I’ve picked up during the winter months. And as always, if you would like to see more in-depth reviews and swatches of any of the products in this post, just leave me a comment and I’ll get right on it!


Back in November, my sister surprised me with the Tarte “Away Oui Go” set for my birthday. The packaging is gorgeous and the products are excellent, and I am absolutely in love with this set!

tarte 1

It comes in a gold trimmed box that opens like a book. On the left side, the set has three lip glosses, a deluxe size of the Tarte Lights Cameras Lashes Mascara, and a travel size palette. On the right, they have four different French inspired palettes that each have four shades of eyeshadow and one of their Amazonian Clay blushes.


The shadows are all fairly neutral, but the different palettes lean towards different shade families. The pans of shadow are absolutely gorgeous to look at, and the shade names are all printed on the backs of the removable palettes for reference. Probably the greatest selling point of this set is that, despite its large size, it’s designed for travel. The light blue palette is designed to hold one of the four palettes from the right, so they can be taken on the go. The travel palette is a gorgeous robin egg blue, and has a mirror on the inside cover as well.


For Christmas, my sister bought me two smaller eyeshadow palettes and a double-ended eyeliner. The Stila Stay All Day palette is a great palette with three gorgeous, satin-finish shades. It’s also really small, so it’s easy to carry around or travel with. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Pencil’s have a well-deserved reputation in the beauty community for being some of the best eyeliner pencils out there (albeit very much on the pricier side).


This dual ended pencil comes in Rockstar, a chocolate brown with some plummy accents, and Perversion, a matte carbon black. The formula is super creamy, but once it sets it stays for the whole day without budging.


The other palette my sister bought for me for Christmas was the Lorac Skinny Palette. I’d been drooling over the Lorac Pro palette for a while, but I actually think I like the Skinny Palette a lot more. Also, at only $15 for a high-end palette, it’s an incredible bargain.

lorac skinnyAs you can see, I’ve gotten some wear out of the palette already. The shades mostly lean towards the warmer side of the spectrum, but there are three great matte shades mixed in so the palette is quite well-rounded overall. The packaging is a pale gold faux snakeskin that has a great mirror on the inside. My only gripe about the packaging would probably be how easily stained it is, as well as the fact that the outside of the palette is completely unmarked. The only label on the entire palette is the Lorac logo printed on the mirror.

DSC_0196These next two purchases were mostly impulse buys, but they’ve paid off. I made a big order from Clinique a while ago to get some birthday presents for my sister and my mom, and I bought this Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in the shade 03 Mightiest Maraschino. It’s a great deep, cherry red with a somewhat cool undertone, so it makes your teeth look whiter. I generally stick to natural lip colors, but so far I’ve loved doing the occasional bold lip with this color.

My other purchase was the Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous foundation in shade 115. I actually hate wearing heavy skin makeup and rarely wear anything more than concealer, but I wanted something that would provide fuller coverage for photos or special occasions. This foundation has a BB cream like texture and a light to medium coverage, so it fits my needs nicely. It does tend to cling a bit to dry patches, so it would be a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize well before using it.

To finish off this haul, I wanted to include these two candles my roommate gifted to me, even though they aren’t really beauty products. She knows I love candles, especially the ones by Bath and Body Works, so she bought me one for my birthday and then another for Christmas.

candlesI love the old-fashioned jelly jar packaging of the Blackberry Spice candle, which is a great winter scent that still has an element of fruitiness to it. She also got me one of the classic three-wick candles in Champagne Toast. Champagne Toast has a really nice sweet, warm scent to it that’s nice and light.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this two part haul, and if you have, it would mean a lot to me if you liked this post! And remember, if you want to see more in depth posts on anything in this haul, just leave me a comment below! Happy 2015!


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