2014 Favorites

2014 favorites

That’s right, it’s here. I recently received a request on Facebook to sum up my favorite products of 2014, so here it is! This post is focused on my beauty favorites, but if you’d like to see another post on fashion or non-beauty favorites, just leave me a comment down below!


skincare favorites

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that my skin has negative reactions against about 50% of skincare products that I try. Because of this, I’m pretty cautious about trying new skincare, and am always coming back to old favorites. But this year, I discovered a couple of new products that are definitely going on the short list to repurchase.

My first skincare favorite is the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. I use this exclusively as a mask, and I’ve found that it’s hugely effective at preventing breakouts before they start. It has a really strong cooling effect and isn’t too drying, which is really great for my combination skin.

The next two products are both treatments. I previously reviewed the Mary Kay Clear Proof line on my blog (see full review here) and the spot treatment was by far my favorite product. It’s pretty drying, but it has been a lifesaver when it comes to treating large, especially stubborn blemishes or getting rid of breakouts quickly.

The second targeted treatment product is my Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream. Because I’m a college student, I almost always have dark circles from sleep deprivation. (One of the disadvantages of being an engineering major.) My dark circles, depending on how tired I am, range from a light lavender-tinged green to dark, bruise-colored rings under my eyes. With just a couple of days of use, the Clinique eye cream pretty much erased my dark circles. The skin around my eyes feels a lot softer and more nourished, and this eye cream has been a lifesaver after nights where I’m up doing programming assignments or studying until three or four in the morning.

My final skincare favorite from 2014 is a product I’ve talked about multiple times before, so I won’t go on about it again. The Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer is my holy grail daily moisturizer, end of story. I basically stockpile this in the fear that one day it might get discontinued.


face favorites

For face favorites, I just have two drugstore concealers and a drugstore primer. My face makeup is usually pretty limited, but I wanted to talk about these because I use them pretty much every day.

The Neutrogena Shine Control Primer is a great basic primer. It helps makeup go on smoother on top, and it definitely extends its wear. I don’t have especially oily skin, but I can get a little greasy by the end of the day, so this is perfect for me.

The Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer is a pretty recent acquisition, but I love the sheer, blendable, liquid formula. I got this to use in the winter, when I’m much paler, and it also works great as a matte highlight and under the eyes. The L’Oreal True Match Concealer has been my favorite drugstore concealer for years. It’s really buildable and provides great coverage on blemishes, although I find that it doesn’t wear all that well under the eyes.

concealer favorites



The Maybelline Color Tattoos are amazing. They have a great creamy formula that blends gorgeously and has fantastic color payoff and lasting power. Hands down, they are the best cream eyeshadows the drugstore has to offer. Bad to the Bronze is probably the most well-known shade (shown above), but they have loads of other great colors as well.

Also from Maybelline (let’s just admit that Maybelline kind of killed it in 2014) is The Rocket mascara. It’s super black, and pumps up my fine, thin lashes. It also holds a curl well throughout the day, and the waterproof formula doesn’t budge.

My final eye makeup favorite is the Lorac Skinny Palette. Choosing just one eyeshadow palette was a struggle, but ever since my sister gifted it to me, it’s been my go to palette. The colors are gorgeous, and the quality of the shadows is unbeatable.


lip favorites

In terms of product hoarding, lip products are my weakness. I tried unsuccessfully to narrow down my favorites, but these five pretty much covered me all year. I rarely strayed from these products, and I think they’d be great for everyone. I’ve previously discussed all of them in other posts so I won’t talk about them again, but all of the products pictured above are definitely worth purchasing if you don’t already have them! Check out swatches of them below:

lip favorites


hair care favorites

I feel like hair products are something I rarely talk about on my blog (comment below if you want to see more hair care posts!) but there was no way I could leave these out of my 2014 favorites.

The Pantene Detangler is a great conditioning spray that I use after I towel dry my hair. I spray it on the bottom half of my hair, use my fingers to distribute it, and then brush it through. If my hair is especially dry, I use this in conjunction with an argan oil. And since I grow my hair out long (although I just cut off 8 inches, check out my Instagram at the bottom of the page for pictures) I use the L’Oreal Total Repair Damage Erasing Balm. I heard it about from Youtuber Fleurdeforce, and decided to try it out. It looks and feels kind of gross (like whipped and pureed banana) but works like magic on the hair.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of my favorite products from the past year (if you have, hit the like button below!), and I can’t wait to see what new products I try out in 2015! I would love to hear your top product recommendations in the comments below, so if there’s something you think I should try out, be sure to tell me!


P.S. What are your thoughts on my blog’s new look? Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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